Nutrition Consultations & Family consultation

The consultation will consist of the following steps:

Step 1:

When you book an appointment and upon confirmation of the booking, you will be asked to complete a Personal Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire and a 3-day Food Diary. The questionnaire must be returned via email at least three days before the consultation. I will examine all of the information you have provided in order to identify potential nutrient deficiencies in your body and their connection to your health issues. If you take any medications, continue them as normal, do not stop without your doctor’s consent.

Step 2:

An initial consultation will last about an hour. For further investigation of your current health concerns, we will discuss in detail your symptoms, any medications, lifestyle and diet, medical history and your health goals all based on the information you gave me in your questionnaire and food diary.

I will explain to you how any nutritional imbalances can be linked to your symptoms and overall health, how certain foods may contribute to your ill-health and how we should change your eating habits to correct both macro- and micronutrient deficiencies.

Together we will devise a manageable dietary and lifestyle change plan specifically for your needs. You will receive handouts and recipes to help you with your new dietary changes. Your appointment includes a 15-minute conversation via Skype or one email support (with a guaranteed 48 hour response time) in case you have any questions in 7-10 days after your initial consultation.

Step 3:

The recommended number of follow-up consultations will vary depending on your health condition and will take place over a 3-12 week period, each session lasting 50 minutes. The aim is to assess your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your dietary plan, or supplementary recommendations.

If you would like to get any further information or to book a free consultation, please, contact me here.

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