Eat to Beat Cancer Programme

“It is not enough for a cancer patient to receive only appropriate conventional therapy. To improve quality and quantity of life, a regimen of good nutrition is essential.”
Linus Pauling, PhD, twice Nobel laureate, pioneer in nutrition for cancer patients

“Cancer” is a scary word that evokes a lot of fear. Population-based studies show that about half of the residents in the United Kingdom and the United States have a fear of getting cancer more so than any other disease (1).
Cancer is the second biggest killer of the world population, with more than 40% of all cancers being related to lifestyle and environmental factors. The US National Cancer Institute predicts that deaths from cancer will continue to increase every year, especially hormone-related cancers such as those of the breast, cervix, ovaries, prostate, and testes.

Cancer is a multifactorial disease. Besides nutritional and environmental influences (poor nutrition, for example, can over time build up functional problems and lead to lower immunity and slower cell repair), there are other factors such as social, psychological, and emotional factors which play a major role in the development of cancer. Therefore, to deal with this body condition, it is necessary to consider each of these aspects of life.

All Disease Begins in The Gut – Hippocrates

Approximately 70% – 80% of your immunity is in your gastrointestinal system. Scientific evidence shows the vital connection between diet, gut bacteria and the immune system (1a). Therefore, in this programme, we will identify your gastrointestinal issues (GERD, IBS, SIBO, Leaky Gut, Chron’s, Colitis, and Celiac etc) and undiagnosed food sensitivities or hidden food allergies in order to optimize overall functions such as digestion, absorption, elimination and boosting your immune system.
Researchers found that cancer patients with comprehensive information about their disease have fewer side effects and experience a better healing process. Therefore, we will create a list of questions tailored to your condition and which you may ask of your doctor to better understand the situation you are in.
Environmental toxins (2) cause endocrine disruption. I will teach you how to live cleaner, and how to minimize exposure to toxic chemicals in your everyday life.

There are different forms of cancer treatment. We will choose the most appropriate nutritional support for you, which can improve your body’s response to your conventional treatment programme.

The disease is easier to prevent than cure. Prevention is the identification and elimination of factors that lead to the development of diseases. For this reason, this is a multi-step programme suitable for everyone, for people who are affected by cancer, those in a high-cancer-risk group (e.g. exposure to carcinogenic agents), people with a family history of cancer, those who would like to minimise the likelihood of developing cancer, or those who would like to start eating healthy. In each situation, the approach will be individual.

What you can to expect from this programme

Once you have completed your Personal Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire and a 3-day Food Diary, we will agree on a personal programme for you to follow.
No medication may be stopped without a doctor’s consent. I would highly recommend not to follow someone else’s diet programme, as everybody requires a personal approach depending on their health history.

Initial consultation involves:

☑ Looking at your current diet and lifestyle
☑ Identifying carcinogens
☑ Identifying your gastrointestinal issues
☑ Identifying and evaluating macro- and micronutrient imbalance
☑  A specific Nutritional Plan will be created, which will not interfere with your conventional treatments
☑ Your personal goal setting
☑ Immune Boosting Diet (Immunotherapy)
☑ Environmental Detox – how to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals in your everyday life
☑ Lifestyle advice
☑ Meal ideas and recipes

The follow-up consultations: Your 5 follow-up consultations will be held every 2 weeks

☑ Adjusting your eating plan
☑ Liver Detox Plan
☑ Working with leaky gut syndrome
☑ Basic Detox Programme
☑ Evaluating how you are getting on with your goals
☑ Stress management

If you would like to get any further information or to book a free Skype consultation, please, contact me via the contact page.

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