Candida Beat Programme

Candida is naturally present in the human body. It lives in places like the skin and in the gastrointestinal tract. In small amounts, Candida doesn’t cause any problems. Usually, it is inhibited by beneficial (good) bacteria in the intestines and a healthy immune system. However, Candida can overgrow and start to be the root of countless symptoms, both physical and mental, such as muscle and joint pain, food intolerances, allergy, eczema, female problems, brain fog, depression, chronic fatigue, and impotence etc. The symptoms may vary from person to person. Very often Candida may provoke cravings for sweets, marmite, pizza, cheese, bread and even alcohol because it demands to be fed.

If you suffer from mentioned symptoms, I would recommend starting a programme to get Candida under control. But you have to be committed, as Candida is hard to kill, but it will be worth it. Candida cells constantly produce toxins. Once your liver becomes overloaded, harmful toxins get into the bloodstream and sabotage your immune system which leads to high inflammation response, autoimmune issues and even cancer development.
If you are ready to start your battle against Candida, this 8-week programme is for you.

What you can expect from
“Candida Beat Programme”

Once you have completed your Personal Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire and a 3-day Food Diary, depending on your microbiome and health history, we will agree on a personal programme for you to follow.
I would highly recommend not to follow someone else’s diet programme, as everybody requires a personal approach depending on their health history. What can be good for one with the same symptoms, can make others feel worse.

During 8-weeks, I will guide you through four one-to-one consultations, where the initial consultation lasts one hour and follow-up sessions about 50 minutes.
In this programme, you may be required to undergo lab tests and/or take supplements.
Warning: some people can feel worse before they feel better. Candida cells produce a huge amount of toxins when they are dying and it may indicate that your body is overloaded with toxins. This is a known herxheimer reaction. This period can be the most difficult to go through. It is impossible to prevent this stage, but I will support you and supply with the tools and recommendations to help alleviate it.
This programme can help you to become a different person, who is losing excess weight, is free from cravings and pain, and has more energy.

Initial consultation involves

✓ Looking at your current diet and lifestyle
✓ Building an individual food programme
✓ Your personal goal setting
✓ Lifestyle advice and supplement recommendations
✓ Healthy and tasty meal ideas and recipes

3 Follow-up sessions (every second week) involve:

✓ Liver Detox Plan
✓ Working with leaky gut syndrome
✓ Evaluating how you are getting on with your goals
✓ Adjusting your eating plan at each session
✓ Introducing new foods

If you would like to get any further information or to book a free Skype consultation, please, contact me via the contact page.

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