10-day metabolic programme diet

The 10-day Liver Detox

Do you really need to detox your body? In most cases, the root cause of nearly all disease is an overload of different toxins and chemicals accumulating inside your body (a, b).

This is a cleanse-while-you-nourish 10-day Liver Detox Diet Programme that will help you to support your liver’s ability to do its job and clear your body of harmful substances.

A Healthy Detox Diet

If you’re considering a detox diet to:

? Increase energy
? Improve cellular health
? Clear sinuses
? Clear skin
? Decrease inflammation in your body

then this 10-day Liver Detox programme could be for you. Please note, this programme is not specifically designed to reduce weight. But it may well be one of the positive side effects without you going hungry.

During this time your body will need nutritional support to keep your digestive system, liver and kidneys working optimally. It gives them a kick-start to reduce the toxic load and increase vitality.

If you have 10 days to be committed to this programme, then you should consider it. Why? Firstly, this detox programme will be done considering just your individual health needs. Secondly, it will give you the essential knowledge on how to start to begin a healthy life and stay there for good.

Let’s get started!

How does this programme work?

I will guide you through the 10-Day Liver Detox Programme. You will get a structured dietary plan, as your body requires the specific nutrients effectively to detox. To support the liver’s detoxification pathways it is important to have the right nutrients and acid-alkaline balance in your body. Your 10-Day detox programme will be roughly 80% plant-based alkaline-forming foods and 20% from acid-forming foods.

I know, that for some people it cannot be easy to adapt to these changes. For this reason, I created just a 10-day detox programme, that anyone would be able to adjust to in order to get the most powerful health transformation. It is a short, very gentle and effective programme which will help you to reset your taste buds, adopt some good habits and continue with them after your detox has finished.

Avoiding all toxins in our everyday life would be impossible, but I will suggest how you can minimize their exposure to your body.
You will also get meal plans with easy and delicious recipes to follow. I will support you throughout this process and help you to come back to tip-top health. We will analyse your results and have a follow-up consultation at the end of the programme. I will also advise you how you can safely reintroduce excluded foods as your body will rebel if the day after you detox, you go back to your old way of eating. In two to three weeks time, we will have another follow-up consultation to evaluate how you are getting on after your detox programme.

I am here to support and help you to come back to very best health

What do you get?

? One hour private interactive workshop via Skype
? Recipes and meal plans
? 2 x 30 minutes Skype follow-up sessions at the end of your detox and in two to three weeks after that
? Handout: containing all the information you need to follow the program successfully. It includes the list of foods allowed and excluded, shopping lists, recipes and menu planners.

Caution! Detoxification is not recommended if you are pregnant or nursing. However, I would recommend starting at least 6 months prior to the planned conception time, especially if you have a hormonal imbalance, cannot conceive (infertility) or other health problems.

If you would like to get any further information or to book a free Skype consultation, please contact me via the contact page.

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