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My journey to a healthy lifestyle started in childhood when I was born in to a family of health professionals. My father was a surgeon (oncologist) and my mother was a physiotherapist. They were the first to introduce me to the relationship between food and the body. My great passion for the healing power of natural food has grown with time and has become a lifelong interest.

Working as a pharmacist, I soon became aware that very few people knew how to improve the quality of their lives without medications, when they could do so by merely changing their diet. I would say that medications could be important as an emergency aid. But foods can be vital both in preventative health and as an aid in the management of many chronic diseases today and in the future.

My experience helped me to come to believe that your body has a great capacity to heal itself. You only have to give it all tools in the form of essential nutrients. And then those nutrients will transmit the signals and give instructions to your cells as to how they should function in order to perform their job properly. I admire Hippocrates, the Greek physician of ancient times who is referred to as “The Father of Western Medicine”. He said: “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”. He was much ahead of his time as he advised foremost a nutrient-dense diet to prevent and even treat diseases.

The foods you eat not only play a crucial role in balancing sugar and cholesterol levels, helping your body to process and eliminate toxins, controlling inflammation levels but also in controlling the expression of your genes. And I have decided it is time to introduce the concept of food as medicine to people instead of chemical drugs.

Living and studying in different countries I have absorbed many different cultures and have gained a wider knowledge and understanding of food and of personalized nutrition and its link to health in social and cultural contexts. As a result, I have been able to collect the best nutritional advice from different countries and I would be happy to share my knowledge and wide experience and work with you at your own pace, considering your personal factors, including culture and ethnicity. And it is important to remember that it’s

Never too late to change your life and get healthier.

I would like to end with the words of Albert Einstein: “A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.” Let’s be wise and avoid health problems instead of treating them.

I wish you great health and happiness!

Yours ever Alla_Nutrition

p.s. I love real food and I love experimenting with new recipes, which I would like to share in my “Recipes” page and show you that healthy eating can be maintainable and enjoyable.

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